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2022 Water Festival Ambassadors sought!

Community groups and organisations are invited to nominate an ambassador for the 2022 Water Festival.

PLANNING for the 63rd Burdekin Water Festival is well underway and the Burdekin Water Festival Committee has begun the search for Ambassador entrants.

Water Festival Committee Secretary, John McVeigh, said this year’s programs would offer the same opportunities as previous years.

“We have a team of leaders who are putting in a massive amount of work on this year’s programs,” he said.

“With support from our sponsors and local groups, we can plan programs that offer major benefits to the Ambassadors and to their supporting organisations.”

The positives from participating in the programs are unquestionable - for both Ambassador entrants and the organisations that support them.

For the Ambassador entrants, it is a chance to develop skills, increase self-confidence, support their community and make new friendships.

“At the start of the program each year you have a group of nervous but eager entrants, but by the time the Crowning Evening comes around, you have a group of confident entrants who are almost unrecognisable; and who have made lifelong friendships through the programs,” Mr McVeigh said.

The organisations supporting the Ambassadors also reap benefits.

“What we offer the supporting organisations is a great platform to raise both their public profile and much needed funds,” Mr McVeigh said.

“But perhaps the biggest benefit for an organisation is playing a part in helping each Ambassador to become more passionate about their community and it’s that passion that makes the Burdekin such a great place to live.”

There will be 65 possible days for Ambassador fundraising events from 1 July until 3 September, 2022.

To access all the necessary information on the Ambassador Program, interested parties are advised to read the Information Booklet attached to the online Ambassador nomination form on the website www.burdekinwaterfestival.com.au. It contains everything an Ambassador and a supporting organisation need to know.
Ambassador entrants will have their first major public appearance at the Water Festival Community Launch on 5 June. The crowning evening for both the Juniors and the Seniors will occur on Friday, 2 September. The Water Festival will conclude with the Grand Parade and Mardi Gras on Saturday, 3 September.

Although they are keeping some surprises “up their sleeve”, Mr McVeigh said the Burdekin community could look forward to another Festival to remember. “The committee has already put in a huge effort and their work, along with the generous support from our sponsors, means another great Water Festival for the local community.”

Further details on the Ambassador programs are available at the Burdekin Water Festival website www.burdekinwaterfestival.com.au or by emailing the head of the Ambassador Committee Karisa Bojack, at .

Dates to remember

Sunday 8 May
Ambassador nominations close.

Friday 2 September
Water Festival Crowning Evening at Home Hill Memorial Hall.

Saturday 3 September
Grand Parade and Mardi Gras at Ayr Showgrounds

Past and Present Sponsors

    • PO Box 831
      Ayr Qld 4807
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